"Diets don't work forever"

A message from Damien Kelly

What is The Active FIVE?

At this time of year, we know that you may need extra support with maintaining your healthy habits and movement routine. The Active FIVE is a simple to follow points system that helps you track 5 healthy habits over 5 weeks.  What's more, you can choose your own level, to make success even more achievable. Your personal Coach will help you stay on track, and your community of fellow FIVErs will provide invaluable support along the way.

  • SCANS ARE BACK! Pre + Post body composition scans

  • EASIER THAN EVER Education and motivation program to track 5 lifestyle habits over 5 weeks, for lasting results

  • BETTER THAN EVER Online member portal including all program guidelines and resources

  • 3 LEVELS to choose from, depending on your goals

  • Your personal accountability coach for entire 5 weeks

  • 100+ simple, yummy and healthy plant-based recipes

  • Weekly coaching emails and texts

  • E-book with workouts and exercise library

  • Ask and share amongst like-minded community members

New to Active Live Bondi?

Special BUY IN package for you

Just $499 for new starters who want to join in! This includes 2 x body composition scans before and after the program, as well as unlimited access to classes at Active Live Bondi for 5 weeks. Simply fill in the contact form below to save your spot.

What will you achieve?

You can FIND BALANCE, ROUTINE + REACH YOUR GOALS, like hundreds of followers who have completed the program before. According to body scan data, those who stuck to the program * Lost an average of 2kg * Dropped their body fat percentage over 2 percentage points * Reduced their viseral fat level by 1 level * Gained more than 200gms of muscle mass. WOW!

The Active FIVE

A simple points system to encourage healthy habits so that you stay in a healthy routine and reach your goals, no matter what. FIVE habits. FIVE weeks. LASTING results.

  • MORE Movement and exercise

  • MORE vegetables

  • LESS Alcohol

  • LESS Sugar

  • LESS processed carbohydrates


  • What is The Active FIVE?

    The Active FIVE is a concentrated 5 week diet and exercise acceleration program designed to deliver real, lasting results in an easy-to-follow format.

  • How does it work?

    It's a scored "lifestyle choices" program. Each week, you start with allocated points. You can then either retain or lose those points based on your lifestyle choices (diet & exercise). The goal is to finish the week in the positive, or you may choose to accumulate points for special occasion usage. The 5 lifestyle points focus on increased exercise and movement, increased vegetable intake, reduced alcohol, reduced sugar and reduced refined/processed carbohydrates.

  • Who is TA5 for?

    Damien Kelly has refined his lifestyle program to be even easier and more accessible than ever! The Active FIVE is for everybody to be able to follow, no matter what age or fitness level. You don't have to be an Active Live member to join; "buy in" packages are available. The new TA5 format includes 3 levels (points allowance targets), depending on your desired outcomes. The program is most suitable if you are looking to get back on track with your training and lifestyle factors, in a motivation rut, unsure why you aren't getting results (this is a spotlight on lifestyle), unable to progress your goals or finally wanting to kick alcohol and sugar habits. If you answered YES to any or all of the above, then get on board - The Active FIVE will improve your habits and help you feel amazing.

  • Why does it work?

    Simple: You become self aware and more intuitive with your health, without feeling deprived, so there is a greater chance of long term change and adherence. We're not advocating a teetotaller lifestyle, rather demonstrating how to live a healthy lifestyle within boundaries. We want you to finish the event having made actual lifestyle improvements. We want you to understand the importance of balancing out everyday healthy choices and exercise, with treats and special occasions.

  • What is included with registration?

    2 x Body Composition scans (at Active Live studio, pre and post challenge on planned dates). Access to your brand new TA5 Online Member Portal including 100+ recipes, shopping lists, sample meal plans, fitness e-books and more PLUS your personal Active Live Coach to assist you throughout your experience (because accountability will be paramount to your success), including weekly coaching emails & texts so you can stay on track, and social sharing via our special WhatsApp group.

  • How much does registration cost?

    Just $199 for any current Active Live member who wants to join! This includes 2 x body composition scans before and after the program, to be done at Active Live studio. "Buy in" packages for new members are available too, which include access to unlimited classes for 5 weeks ($499). Contact us to save your spot.

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